Questions? We’ve Got Answers:

Where are vitamins derived from?

Our vitamins are exclusively derived form organic, all-natural, high quality sources throughout Europe.


How do your products differ from other products?

The Equina difference lies in our sourcing and formulation. Our team of scientists formulate our products for maximum absorb-ability and utilization by the horse. In addition, our products are not feed-based, and they only contain ingredients necessary for the horses health. This means NO additives, fillers, coloring, flavoring, preservatives or bi-products.


Why are there so many separate products, and whey are they not combined for easier feeding?

Many are not aware that there is actually no way to produce a multi-purpose product successfully without compromising absorption. While this does mean you might need to administer multiple supplements, it also means your equine will receive the best nutrition possible from our regimens.


Why do I need to introduce these products gradually to my horse?

Our products are pure vitamins and minerals with minimal natural flavoring, not a feed product produced for palatability. Introducing the products gradually will ensure your horse will acclimate to our products in a positive manner. When introduced properly, every horse will happily eat all of our products.


Iron is contained in some of your products, is it dangerous for my horse?

No, iron is an essential nutrient and is necessary for absorption of other nutrients in their bodies.


Why are your products difficult to open?

Our products are made fresh in small batches and contain no preservatives, so a strong seal is necessary to maintain quality and potency.


Is the vitamin e synthetic or natural?

Our vitamin E is a natural-based synthetic vitamin:  RAC Alpha Tocopherol, which has shown to be extremely absorb-able and more consistent for quality.


Why don’t you have a product for digestive issues/ulcers?

When it comes to Resolving advanced digestive issues or ulcers , our team of scientists have not yet found a realistic nutrition nutritional solution due to the true nature of the digestive tract of the horse. However, the yeast found in many of our products has been scientifically proven to support digestive issues.


Are the minerals chelated?

Yes, chelation is applied to the necessary minerals.


Is it safe for insulin-resistant or horses with metabolic issues?

Yes, all products are completely safe for horses with these type of issues.


Why hasn’t it come to America sooner?

Importation process is a lengthy and expensive process and The United States tends to favor products produced in the US. We are excited to be introducing this European-trusted brand to the USA!


Why aren’t your products pelleted?

Pelleted products have a compromised nutrient base and quality due the pelleting/production process. Powder and liquid products allow ingredients to be in their pure form and therefore maximize nutrient absorption.