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For a strong nervous system, calming and focus.

Repax addresses nervousness, tension, lack of appetite and being highly strung are often signs of a lack of magnesium, tryptophan and other nutrients. The resulting deficit can lead to lack of motivation and deteriorating performance. For strong nervous system, calming and focus.


Mg – nerve protection and stabilization
B1, B2, B6 – optimal metabolism
B12, nicotinic acid – revitalization and energy production
Tryptophan – natural stress reducing amino acid
Yeast – digestive aid, source of B vitamins
Algae – high content of omega-3


Mg     2500 mg (as Mg oxide/acetate/gluconate/phosphate/aspartate)
B1          75 mg
B2          75 mg
B6          75 mg
B12       7.5 mg
B3          80 mg
Tryp   1250 mg
Yeast  S. Cerevisiae

Administer 20g daily. Serving based on average horse weight of 1000lbs.

30 day supply

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