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For a healthy, fully functional immune system.

A fully functional, healthy immune system is the basis for overall health and performance of a horse. A multitude of nutrients partake in the
complex processes of the immune system as a whole for a healthy, fully functional immune system.


Beta glucan – immune cell formation
Yeast – digestive aid, source of vitamin B vitamins
Algae – omega 3 anti – inflammatory
Vitamin C and E – antioxidants
Copper – supports immune defenses
Zinc – stabilizes immune system and formation of immune cells
Vit C pH neutral
Cu/Zn Active 2 tech allow for immediate effect and good retention in body


Vit E            78 IU
Cu              20 mg
Zn              30 mg
Mn             12 mg
Vit C         600 mg
Beta G  10,700 mg (plant derived)
Yeast Saccharmyces Cerevisiae

Administer 20g daily. Serving based on average horse weight of 1000lbs.

30 day supply

*Complete Ingredient Detail and Label

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