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Vitality and performance in breeding, growth and sport.

Trace elements are essential nutrients for the overall well being, growth, fertility and performance of the horse. Vitality and performance in breeding and sport.

Breeding, growth & performance require high quality nutritional supplementation to the horse’s diet providing vitamins and minerals not available in it’s normal feed intake.

Haemoxil is designed to improve condition after a time of convalescence. This applies particularly to the following:

  • Sport Horses: Activating and stabilizing the horse’s condition to improve performance
  • Foals: Boosts vitality especially directly after birth and provides nutrition to sustain healthy bone development
  • Broodmares: Prevents nutritional deficiencies during advanced pregnancy and lactation
  • Breeding Stallions: Activates and maintains a healthy libido during the breeding season
Trace elements (copper, iron, zinc, cobalt) Essential for overall well being
Vitamin B complex For maximum utilization of nutrients
Vitamin K3 Bone metabolism, clotting
Copper 8 mg
Zinc 120 mg
Iron 100 mg
Cobalt 0.3 mg
Sodium 70 mg
Vitamin K3 6 mg (most effective form for absorption)
Vitamin B1 34 mg
Vitamin B2 23 mg
Vitamin B6 22 mg
Vitamin B12 0.34 mg
Vitamin B5 21 mg
Vitamin B3 21 mg
Vitamin B9 22 mg

*biological trace element complex designed for instant effect and retentional capacity to supply nutrients during times of increased demand and at the same time replenish deficits (Active @TEC)

  • 10 doses
  • Administer 20ml . Serving based on average horse weight of 1000lbs.

*Complete Ingredient Detail and Label

Weight .53 lbs
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