About Us: Way Station Wellness

Way Station Wellness offers a variety of services to provide horses and clients with top-notch veterinary care, as well as expertise on equine nutrition backed by science and 17 years of personal veterinary experience.  Way Station Wellness is the exclusive North American distributor of Equina Nutritional Supplements and the home of Emergency Medical Services, an equine veterinary practice located in Rainier, WA.  Additionally, Way Station Farm offers full-time horse rehabilitation and breeding services.

Our Purpose

Way Station Wellness helps owners and trainers bring out the best in each horse; through customized, high quality nutrition and scientifically supported massage technology back by 17 years of veterinary experience.

Our Dedication

Way Station Wellness values your business and strives to provide the best services possible for both our patients and our clients. Our goal to to always exceed your expectations.


About Equina

EQUINAvet, with its team of nutrition experts, veterinarians, and professional equine caretakers from both breeding and sport has been working towards the development of food supplements for over 30 years. Equinavet director, Klaus Beckmann, founded Equistro in 1981 and was both CEO as well as the brain behind the development of the different products that made the company so successful. As a young boy Klaus was drawn to the stables and spent a great deal of time there.  As he grew his passion continued and he became a rider, competing in dressage and then began his own breeding program which he continues today. His love for horses and true understanding for equine nutrition is the basis of his continued success in developing feed supplements which, through intensive research, has achieved optimum efficiency, digestibility, and results. The improvements to the recipes for the Equinavet products researched and developed by Mr. Beckmann and his team have been continuously tested for quality and results. Equinavet is the newest generation of nutritional feed supplements available as of Autumn 2007. These new products are cutting edge developed with new technology to help absorbtion and availability. Mr. Beckmann believes that the foundation of all success, whether it be breeding or sport begins with proper nutrition. Ratios are meticulously calculated to ensure the products are balanced and that what is on the label is actually what is available for the horses digestive tract to utilize. Mr. Beckmann has consulted with numerous Olympic teams and Equina products were used by the 2012? U.S. Olympic team  as well as 200? and 200? German teams. In addition, these products are widely used throughout Europe, Hong Kong and The United Emirates as well as many top competitors.