By Sara Perkins, DVM

When we ride our horses we ask a lot of their muscles in so many ways…we expect them to be strong, quick, supple, flexible, agile, and adjustable…all of this with the weight of a rider and the pressure of a saddle on their back. We expect the horse to progress at a certain rate to stay on schedule with training and competition within reason. Even the most conservative programs undoubtedly ask the horse to use new muscles and go into their edge on given days. Therefore, it makes sense that horses who are ridden could benefit from extra nutritional support for the muscles. The challenge of riding inevitably causes some degree of inflammation in the muscles. Nutrients can moderate this inflammation.  Regular training should cause the muscles to build and strengthen. Nutrients can help this process. Targeted nutrition can help a riding horse balance this cycle of muscle stress and rebuild by aiding a quick recovery from exercise. If the cycle of recovery is out of balance the horse may exhibit signs such as soreness, tension, lack of impulsion, poor musculature, lack of energy, stiffness, and unwillingness. Myofortil has been an excellent aid for riding horses in our practice. It contains Vitamin E and Selenium to aid muscle cellular recovery from stress. It contains magnesium to encourage muscle relaxation. A relaxed muscle is a fast and functional muscle. There are B vitamins to support the metabolic processes. There are also amino acids which provide building blocks for new muscle. We have seen it create supple, strong horses with improved rideability who can better succeed at their intended use. Stay tuned for Myofortil Ultra, soon to come to the US…for the athlete in intense training.